How to use a Rangefinder

How to use a Rangefinder? Getting the most out of your purchase!

 Sergio Garcia showing How to Use a Rangefinder

One of the best things about golf is that you have complete control over the entire experience. However, the downside is that finding the right rangefinder can be quite demanding. A rangefinder allows you to measure distances and this will help you improve the way you play quite a bit. With that in mind, we are here to tell how to use a rangefinder and what it is!

What is a rangefinder?

There are 2 types of units you can purchase here. You have a rangefinder that measures distances with the use of lasers. The second one uses GPS in order to show you where you are and where the ball is located at this time.

GPS rangefinders can be useful, and they do tend to come in handy. There is a reason why golfers like the laser based ones though. The GPS rangefinder will require you to sync it to a map of the course in order to work. On top of that, the accuracy is not exactly as good as you would expect. This is why you may want to opt for the laser based ones.

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What do you need?

If you want to enjoy using a rangefinder, you will have to charge the battery. Moreover, you will need a tripod too. The major challenge here is to make sure that the line of sight is stable, so using a rangefinder can certainly come in handy. Of course, you will need quite a bit of practice too, so that can be very helpful most of the time because of it. The laser does focus on your precision, so if your hand is moving while using the rangefinder, the results will not be good. That’s why using a tripod is very recommended.

How to use the rangefinder?

Familiarise with the device and then test the scope to see how clear the image is. Usually, you will need to set the magnification and zoom levels. These things are very important if you want to use the unit adequately. Keep your eye on the relief so you can easily use the unit as you are trying to find your target.

Try to find the target with your naked eye. If your rangefinder has a scan mode, you may want to use that. A good idea here is to find landmarks near the spot so you can access it with ease.

Your primary priority is finding the flag. The lower end units tend to target the furthest object. However, the more expensive units can make the difference between a tree and your flag. This will allow you to figure out the right approach and you will get to find a different angle if necessary. Try to practice using the rangefinder and make sure that you start using it adequately. Trial and error will be needed here, but the results will be great in the end.

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