Best Rangefinders for Golf 2018

Best Golf Rangefinders for 2018

 One of the most important things about golf is that you always need to have complete accuracy if you want to win the game. With that in mind, the human eye can be trustworthy sometimes, but there are situations when you just can’t determine the range on your own. You need to find a good rangefinder unit that can help in this situation. We know how hard it can be to determine the range, and this is why we created a list with some of the best golf rangefinders on the market. If you always wanted to determine the range adequately, just check out the units listed below!

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec Golf Rangefinders 

This is a laser rangefinder and a premium unit that can easily measure up to 540 yards. The great thing about it is that it’s very durable and it has a water resistant body. Moreover, you will also find a continual scan mode and a Pinsensor technology that gives you fast measurement with a 1-yard accuracy.

You will also note that the unit can measure any overlapping objects, it will even determine hazards and wooden areas too. The lens is very good and it gives you a clear insight into what’s in front of you. The battery is good and you will be able to use the VPRO500 for at least a few matches. The fact that you have a very light unit here does mean you never have to worry about carrying the rangefinders as you see fit.

Then you will also note that the package integrates a complete package such as a guarantee, lifetime customer support, microfiber cleaning cloth, strap, CR2 battery as well as a carrying pouch. All of these do tend to bring in front a high class, fun experience and one that will end up paying off immensely for the longer term!

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Laser Golf Rangefinder (US Version) 

Nikon Coolshot Golf Rangefinders

The Coolshot 20 is one of the smallest rangefinders for golfers. Just like the name suggest, it’s a laser unit and it does a very good job at being both light and durable. Another thing to keep in mind here is that the product can easily determine which and what object is near you regardless of the situation.

You will just have to press the power button and then you will have a continua scan for targets. This way you can focus on creating your own strategies and the product will be able to figure out the right range fast and easy.

Moreover, the product is light and you will be able to carry it around with ease. You can easily put it in the golf backpack or anywhere else and it will be ready for you when you take it out.

Overall, these are 2 of the best golf rangefinder models that you can find on the market. If you always wanted to get the ultimate quality, then this is one of the best approaches that you can have as a whole. So, just consider checking this out and the value will be there for you! Plus, these models are not that expensive, so you will be quite impressed with the return on investment! If you need more information on the use of a rangefinder, check out our article here!