Best Rangefinder

Best Rangefinder

Finding a good rangefinder can be very difficult. The market seems very limited and you might not know what you want yet… Luckily we have reviewed over 20 devices and picked out what we think is the best rangefinder. A compiled list may be found here for our top 3 choices on the market!

RX-650 Laser Rangefinder Matte

rx650 best rangefinder

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This rangefinder can supply in hunting via: firearms or archery. Along with this it can also be used for Golf as it functions up to 900 yards. One of the longest in the industry. Not only does it function wonderful, but it offers a great and durable build!

For the $180 price you can’t get much better. The speed this offers is unpaired by anything else in this price range!

The Rx-650 offers a great product that will function great within its boundaries. Although it doesn’t offer as many functions as higher priced models it still completes that basic task very well. With great speed it is able to get the difference between the subject and the foreground.

We have heard of others even getting 1100 yards on reflective items!!

In our testing this was a pleasure to use. We didn’t even need to look at the instructions it worked right out of the box, something that can’t be said for most of the competitors in this marketplace.

I would suggest this to many of my friends as the best rangefinder.

Not only is it great for hunting and recreation, but some professionals even use it for surveying! It offers a great tool for many tasks. We even took it for a round of golf at our local course and were very happy with our results. Getting as accurate readings as some of the top of the line golf rangefinders.

If you are interested in finding a more golf based rangefinder please direct to this article!

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